Happy Blog!

Why was I happy today? Because of the Legos that my friend brought in, and now they’re the schools. And I’m so excited to open the Legos the next day of school – there’s a package of Legos that’s still not open and I’m going to open them they next day of school.

What did I do today? What I did today is that I did Duolingo with Mel, I didn’t play a game, I read a little bit, I did Duolingo, I did do math, and I did do lunch and also I did spawn. That’s it!


siena log

I What I did today I ate lunch

I did not do art, I did not do reading.

At home I’m probably going to do math and read a book to myself I’m going to play with my sister and my sisters birthday is soon. And after school I think we’re going to Michael’s but I don’t know if we are so… I think that’s all. That’s it. I guess I’m done.

Siena’s log

On the next day of school

I am going to do I’m going to finish my project because I didn’t have time to do it all today because it was clean up and I probably am going to do the next day of school I’m going to finish my project and do art, read, and lunch.

I am done.



My favorite things from this week

My day was lovely. My favorite things about today was that I got to make a present for my mom. It’s a secret.

Yesterday I went to the museum, that was my favorite thing. I got to go on the sea glass carousel and Ryan gave me money and my mom paid Ryan back. Also, my favorite thing about today is that I got to eat lunch but I didn’t get to finish all of it – I only finished a little bit of my lunch. And I ate the snacks from my lunch. And my favorite thing is that I got to do art with Mel today.

I felt bad that Beth couldn’t come to school today and I miss her really much. And also my mom is picking me up today. That’s my blog.